Monday, February 8, 2010

Some Love for the Old School

This 1981 Accord is as clean as they come. And in this case, it comes all the way from Malaysia. Twenty-three year old Hazwan got this Accord from his older brother a while back, and the work he's done to it is extremely impressive. Even more so when you take into account that aftermarket parts for an '81 Accord are few and far between.

Let's start with the exterior: The Smash Orange Pearl paint is the same available on the JDM Honda That's. Haven't heard of the That's? Neither had I until now. To contrast with the brighter paint, the side markers have been smoked, and the badges and antenna have been shaved for an extra clean look. The front bumper is a fabricated replica of the USDM version, with a JDM front lip added on for a good measure. For the finishing touch, a set of power folding mirrors lifted from a B13 chassis Nissan Sentra were laboriously wired in. Hazwan's had to lower his car the old-fashioned way, cutting the springs to the desired height. It's not the route any of us would choose, but some of us don't have a choice, and the lowered stance really completes the look of this car. I'd have done the same thing in his position. A set of hard-to-source 14" Enkeis matched to 185/60R14 tires fill the wheel wells nicely. Last but not least, a painstakingly polished engine bay, complete with wire tuck, makes sure this car looks good from at all times.

The work Hazwan's done to his interior is equally impressive. For a touch of class, the entire interior has been painted and/or reupholstered in black. The shift knob, JDM Prelude front seats and EF Civic steering wheel add some sportiness to the cabin, along with blue LEDs. LEDs aren't necessarily my cup of tea, but this is not my car, and considering everything else this man has done, he can be forgiven for that. Then there's the parts you can't see. To ensure that this classic can still be a comfortable daily driver, Hazwan installed power windows and locks, finishing his electronic update with a remote starter and 2-way alarm.

Hazwan's Accord doesn't have much in the way of power, and maybe that's for the best. That old engine probably can't take much abuse. Nevertheless, the attention to detail in every aspect of his car is extremely impressive. How many whiners have we all seen on the forums, complaining that they don't have the money for a body kit or a suspension? This guy has truly done more with less, he's done all the work himself, and what's truly remarkable is just how it all manages to come together.

To me, the real definition of a clean car is one that looks like it just rolled off the showroom floor, no matter how many or few modifications it may have. This car definitely fits the description. I honestly haven't tired of looking at it. Until next time, keep it clean.

I'm looking out for more cars to feature. I'll be posting one up every week. If you drive a clean-ass car, or you know someone else who deserves some credit for theirs, send me some pics. I'd love to see it.

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