Sunday, February 28, 2010

My 95 Drives Daily on I-95

So I was out for most of this weekend, and, though I tried, I couldn't successfully track down a feature for today. I apologize. However, I've got a very nice lead for next weekend, and you can expect not one, but two delicious features.

This is just a ""quick" sketch of my 1995 Civic EX. It's my beater, and since last summer it has reliably carried me the 70+ miles to work and back on a daily basis. It has also safely transported me throughout the three blizzards that hit my region this winter. I'm growing more and more fond of this car.

The only mods on the car are the AEM short ram intake that came with it, and a Magnaflow catback exhaust system. I have a Magnaflow catalytic convertor and a DC sports header waiting for warmer months in my room.

Honestly, this drawing doesn't really do it justice. By that I mean in real life it doesn't really look this good. The hood's a bit dented, the door handles don't match, etc. However, I'm quite pleased with it, and hopefully come warmer months, it'll turn into a car that truly deserves a feature on this blog that I call Clean.

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