Sunday, February 14, 2010

Accord-ing to Pico

Hailing from Vallejo California, Roger Pico, better known to his friends on simply as Pico, picked up this clean 89 Accord in 2005, to use as a beater. Pico quickly fell in love with the little sedan, and it's hard to blame him. As the former owner of an 88 hatchback myself, I can attest that it's hard not to be seduced by the charms of these simple but brilliant cars. Pico, however, is not your average car-loving baby boomer, and his build is living proof of that. While the mod list is far too lengthy to recount here, I'll do my best to give you all a basic idea.

To begin with, An Optima Red Top battery sits in the trunk to provide the starting power. Once the rebuilt and bored engine is spinning, it sucks air from an AEM cold air intake originally intended for a 6th gen Accord. Once the fresh air is mixed with gas sprayed from Bosch fuel injectors, and a Delta 272 cam controls the spark coming from the MSD coil and wires. Once burnt, the spent gases exit the engine through one of the last remaining DC Sports headers made for the A-series engine. A Magnaflow cat handles the important job of cleaning those gases and 2.25" pipe connected to a Magnaflow muffler ensure that Pico's car sounds as clean as it looks.

Pico's automatic transmission was sucking some fun out of the ride, so he swapped it in for a manual. An excellent decision in my opinion, as the manual tranny that came with these cars is one of the best I've ever used. Pico rows through the gears using a Skunk2 shift knob, which sits on top of a custom short shifter made by fellow 3geez member 89turbo'ed. To keep everything in place, Energy Suspension poly shift bushings have been installed.

Pico is currently preparing a full disc brake conversion, but for now, the Kumho Ecsta ASTs are slowed by Suzuka SS brake lines compressing the Trustar ceramic pads against Brembo front rotors. Meanwhile, the custom sway bars fabricated by 3geez member Justin work with the the DC sports strut bar, Goldline springs, and KYB dampers to ensure that those brakes can be used sparingly.

Inside, a Honda Prelude steering wheel and seats complement the black interior pieced together from various other 3rd gen Accords. A high-end Accord SE-i donated its cupholders and center armrest, and a JDM maplight illuminates the cabin.

On the outside, Hella foglights and headlights ensure that Pico can see the road in front of him, while JDM corner lamps paired with LED sidemarkers (wired by 3geez member Bitesize) make Pico's Accord equally visible to others. An 89 Integra lip adds a nice bit of aggression to the front end, and OEM window and sunroof visors complete the look of this car.

If you want to see the complete mod list, just click here. I'm sure you'll be impressed And if you're familiar with how hard it is to find out-of-production OEM accessories and aftermarket parts, well, then you just might be as impressed as I was. This car is another prime example of a Clean car done right on a tight budget.

As always, if you'd like your own car featured, just send me an e-mail or hit me up on Facebook. I'm always looking out for new feature cars. Until next time, drive safe, and remember to keep it Clean.

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