Sunday, April 18, 2010


First off, I'd like to start this by thanking everyone who's been reading this blog, whether you've been around since the first post, or you've just recently jumped onto the Facebook page. To say that the responses I've gotten from this project are encouraging would be an understatement. I'd especially like to thank anyone who's taken the time to spread the word around. Without you all, there really wouldn't be much point in carrying this on.

Clean may have started back in February as a blog, but the original concept, was, and still is, much larger. This little blog will soon become the center of something pretty cool. No, nothing's going to directly change, there will still be weekly features and the question of the day, but believe me, there's going to be a lot more as well. If you can't tell, I'm rather excited by the possibilities.

Unfortunately, the weekly features will be going on hiatus for a few weeks. I have a lot of things to set up, and I won't have time to track down cars to feature. Of course, if anyone has a car they'd like to see featured, email me. I'd be happy to set it up. Features are not, I repeat, NOT going away. They're just going to be taking a short break.

Last, but not least, for the latest word on the forthcoming announcements, add my twitter. I'd appreciate it. That's all for this week. Stay tuned for more of what's coming...

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