Monday, April 12, 2010

Bulking Up The Ranks

So I know I specified in an earlier post that one of my requirements for a feature was that the car has to be restored or at least mildly altered. This car is stock. That's right. Stock. I don't care, and here's why. First of all, I love the RSX-S. Second of all, the passion this new owner shows for his car is something we can all relate to. When your girlfriend refers to your car as "The other woman," that means you're one of us car geeks now.

Trevor Johnson lives in Beloit, Wisconsin and works as an admissions counselor at Beloit College. When his Ford Ranger started to go downhill, Trevor seized the excuse to buy something new. He'd been lusting after just about anything equipped with a manual tranny for quite a while, and as luck would have it, he came across this pristine RSX Type S at a dealership about an hour away. He drove up, checked it out, and proudly drove away. Nothing's been the same for him since.

The man who was never all that interested in cars is now joining forums, reading, and generally annoying his friends with useless knowledge about his car. Welcome to the club, Trevor. Be aware that once you join, it's pretty hard to leave.

Trevor is also a semi-professional photographer. If you like his pics, he's got a full album here with full-resolution downloads available. Enjoy!

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